Innovation Week 2021


Robot Wars

Auditorium, Monday Lunch


Robots at the ready. Join us in the Auditorium to have the chance to battle your friend through robots. You need to push your friend’s robot outside of the circle whilst they try to do the same to your’s.

Kahoot Hacker Style

Auditorium, Tuesday Lunch


Ever wanted to get an edge other your classmates in Kahoot? Hacking Kahoot is surprisingly simple and you can learn how to at lunchtime this Tuesday in the auditorium.

Machine Learning Contest

Auditorium, Wednesday Lunch


Computers have big brains and we can use them to distinguish between objects, sounds and motions. Using Teachable Machine will learn how to create Machine Learning models and compete to make the craziest. Taking place in the auditorium this Wednesday lunchtime.

Design Center Showcase

Design Center, Thursday Lunch


At the showcase, you’ll get to explore some of the machines in the Design Lab that you don’t get to use in class. You can join it at lunchtime this Thursday.

Workshops Mania

Library Region, Friday Lunch


On the last day of Innovation Week, you’ll have the chance to learn how to make some awesome things. We’ll be offering three workshops: Splatter Paint, Rick Roll Calling & Digital Art. You’ll be able to join them in the library corridor this Friday Lunchtime.

Maker Night

Auditorium, Friday 3:45pm to 7:00pm


Maker Night is pretty simple, you’ve got access to loads of tools and you just make something! It could be art, a game, a website, an app, a song, a LEGO statue, a robot... you get the point: anything! There will be a free snack and drink as well!

Sign up in advance to reserve your place!